Present thematic data on a map

enrich your reports with professional infographics

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Yes, it is that simple!

So you need to represent on map some intervals, some statistics and you need to do it quickly, for your is a good thing you found Thematics+! Just with few gestures you will be able to print or export a perfect image of your data organized on a world map. You chose which group of countries, which color and/or value and the job is done.

Thematics+ - the quickest way to present statistics infographic of a map

Ready for your presentation
with one gesture

Add clarity to your presentation with a customized map. Whether you are representing sales data or the location of your headquarters worldwide, you will find in this app a must-have-tool.

Thematics+ - Import picture into a presentation

Create your own report
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If all you need to communicate is a series of pictures of different maps with some comments, Thematics+ does it for you. Just take the snapshots and publish the photo album.

Thematics+ - Create your own report