Create professional looking wireframes

for iPad & iPhone

Minimalist & Powerful

Designs+ is a versatile mock-up editor with presentation capabilities. Whether you are into web designing or app prototyping, Designs+ will be able to support you the whole way. Use your iPad to present to your clients just on the spot, directly on the tablet screen or on external monitor. Use the "Lecturer Mode" to read your notes meanwhile you navigate your clients through the pages.

Designs+ comes with a large set of Apple UI Widgets and Web Design Elements (e.g., navigation bars, login buttons, etc.) to create a version of your prototype as close as possible.

Designs+ - design your content in no-time!

Publish your concept
with one gesture

Add clarity to your project with notes and highlights. Provide clear guidelines on what a screen or a page needs to do, the navigation flow, etc.

Whether you are representing a web design or an app, this tool will be a powerful ally.

Designs+ - Import picture into a presentation

Provide clear guidelines
of the work flow

Designs+ generates HTML or PDF reports fully navigable. This means that your clients can experience the user interface of your prototype in any browser, on any device, on any operative system. Additional specific reports can be published to describe in details the link map, the relationship among pages and their order.

  • Over 400 mock-ups for custom UI and Web interfaces.
  • Project Revision capabilities.
  • Automatic Layout (the items on the page adapt to the device orientation).
  • Snapshot review gallery.
  • Link maps generator.

Create your own report
Share it with your clients

If all you need to communicate is a series of pictures of different pages or screens with some comments, Designs+ does it for you. Just take the snapshots and publish the photo album. It is that simple!

Designs+ - Create your own report