Provide Clear Guidelines

for your presentations, executive summaries, articles...

Forget the paper sheets

How many time you wrote a sketch on a paper to your team to describe which report to write or which meassage to communicate in a slide deck? So your colleagues would go back to their desk, reading through your hand writing and try to represent your idea.

Draft+ makes everything simples and more transparent. If you work abroad and do not have access to secure networks, you can use the encryption feature to share your ideas with your team, not worrying about confidentiality issues.

Draft+ - the quickest way to create sketch your idea with clarity

Automatic charts
with one gesture

Draft+ automatically generates charts based on the values you set in the tables. The bar and line colors, the types, the legend are built based on the type of content you insert (decimal, integer, percentage).

Draft+ - automatic charts

Green & Minimalist
with clarity

If you prefer a basic design to get closer to your hand writing sketches, Draft+ adapts and deliver easily a clean content ready to be used by your team. Think about how much paper you will save avoiding printing and writting down notes. With Draft+ everything you want communicate can remain in an electronic format; your team can review, comment directly on the app until you finalize the report or the presentation.

You can export your guidelines in two formats: PDF or HTML. Both reports are clickable (in the case you added links), can represent images with symbols or render them in full resolution.

Draft+ - minimalist view

Review & Publish

Guidelines can be printed or reviewed on any device or operating system. You can use Draft+ also to create standard slideshows and present directly your ideas.

Using and external monitor together with Draft+'s "Lecturer mode" you will be able to present the pages and read the notes simultaneosly, your team will only see the page content on the screen. When projecting on external monitor, editing is also available so everybody can contribute to the final version.

Draft+ - present your ideas

Create your own report
Share it with your colleagues

If all you need to communicate is a series of pictures of different page layouts with some comments, Draft+ does it for you. Just take the snapshots and publish the photo album.

Draft+ - Create your own report